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Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is a popular option for those who

want to achieve a specific look on their property while

keeping costs under control. It is easy for a professional

contractor to create stamped concrete designs that mimic

other types of materials, such as natural stone

or brick. With that said, stamped concrete is susceptible

to damage and wear over time, just like anything else.

If you have existing stamped concrete that is in need

of repair Garcia Coatingsright away for assistance.



Damage Comes in Many Forms

When you think of damage to a concrete surface, you probably think first and foremost about cracks. And, to be sure, cracks can be an issue with stamped concrete. Installing the concrete properly will help to avoid cracks, but it isn’t much you can do about that once the concrete is in place and the cracks begin to appear. Even if your stamped concrete installation is relatively new, you may find that cracks are developing due to mistakes that were made when the work was performed.

Cracking may be the most recognized issue with concrete, but it is not the only problem that can occur. Another issue is flaking, which usually will occur when freezing cold temperatures cause water trapped near the surface of the concrete to expand. That expansion can lead to concrete chipping away off of the surface, and the look and feel of your space will be compromised.

No matter what the issue happens to be with your stamped concrete, it is best to bring in an experienced team to fix the problems. Everybody wants the best stamped concrete and that is exactly what you will find when you contact Garcia Coatings. Not only are we expert stamped concrete installers, but we can also apply our knowledge to projects which have already been completed and are in need of repair. Before your stamped concrete slab becomes too significantly damaged, bring in repair stamped concrete Garcia Coatings for assistance.

It Should Look Great

The whole point of having a concrete stamped overlay completed is to add a beautiful and functional space to your property. If the stamped concrete no longer looks great, there isn’t much point in having invested in this project in the first place. So, get back that look that you originally fell in love with by having the space repaired by a professional team. Stamped concrete repair is often complicated, as the design which was originally used will have to be maintained while the repairs are made. This is not an easy task, and it is one that is best left to a team that has seen it all before.

Thank you for considering Garcia Coatings for your stamped concrete repair and rehab needs. We take great pride in the stamped concrete projects that we install, and we take the same kind of pride in the repair work we offer. If you would like to bring us in to care for your stamped concrete, or if you would like a free estimate on the work needed, please contact us right away.

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